A photo of Jenny. She's in frame from head to hips. She has blonde straight shoulder-length hair and wears round glasses and long earrings. She wears an orange blouse with a pink denim jacket and a red-metal coloured necklace. She's posing as if she's walking, looking into the camera with her head tilted a little and smiling.

Freelance writer and media maker

Do you have an awesome project, for which you're looking for the right words? I'd be glad to help out!

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I write everything that's made of words 
Looking for someone to help you with your text? Nice to meet you! I'm Jenny, a writer and media maker. I have experience with columns, media productions, blogs, articles, commercial copy and many other kinds of (copy)writing.
My goal is always to create something unique and fun, with which I can ideally contribute something valuable to people's lives. Does that sound good to you too? Then I'd say: let's get acquainted!

✔ Television scripts
✔ Editorial work
✔ Columns
✔ Copywriting
✔ And more!

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Jenny Rozema. Also find me on LinkedIn.

I proudly use no tracking cookies on this website, because privacy is a valuable right that should be respected more online.

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