Hello! I'm Jenny. Nice to meet you 😄👋

Writer, media maker, outspoken idealist, and not-so-secret fan of everything strawberry-flavoured. And always up for a chat.

Hello! I'm Jenny, an outspoken trans woman in her twenties with probably more ambitions than what's good for her. My pronouns are she/they. That means you can use both of those words to refer to me, so use whichever one you want 😊

I've been working as a text writer for multiple years now. That started all the way back in high school. I noticed that I was one of the three people in my class that actually enjoyed writing stories and essays. This developed further at university: I often enjoyed writing the reports more than everything that led up to it.

Finding the right words to not just say what you want to say, but to make you stand out too. Something that fit within what the client needed, but was still unique, like how nobody else was doing it. And with a wink or a joke wherever I could (which especially in school was very valuable).

Not long after that, I started doing more and more writing work at my job. By now, everything from blogs to web pages, whitepapers, marketing copy, newsletters, knowledge banks, articles and all other kinds of text has rolled out of my keyboard. This has given me a wide range of experience as a (copy)writer.

In the meantime I had been playing around with making my own videos, because that world had always peeked my interest. That escalated quickly in 2022, when I officially got to join the team behind the now very succesful Dutch satirical late night talkshowDe Avondshow met Arjen Lubach. My first job in media, where I immediately got to be involved with the whole research and writing process. Since then I've gotten to contribute to other productions too.

In my free time I engage in activism, mainly regarding climate change. In addition I love video games, singing (whether or not it's any good I'll leave up to you to judge), going out with friends, looking for hidden treasures in thrift stores and when I've got time I occasionally perform stand-up at open mic nights. And that's just the start (I like to keep busy).

A photo taken from an audience. In the foreground are various backs of heads. In front of them, Jenny stands one a stage in a spotlight. She has a hand on her hip and is smiling.Stand-up comedy performance at the Queer Community Night in Boom Chicago.

Working on projects where I can let out my creativity, but with which I can also contribute something valuable to society. Writing content that has impact. That's my dream job, and that's what I try to let shine through in my work whenever and wherever I can.

Now I'm working as a freelancer, and I'm always looking forward to the next awesome project I may contribue to. Maybe that could be yours?

I know, these are nice words and all, but I believe that you can only truly get to know someone when you actually talk to them. Are you reading this and thinking ‘Jee, I'd like to have a chat with her sometime’? Sounds like fun! I love meeting new people, so feel free to contact me. Be it for professional reasons, or just to babble about nonsense, my inbox is always open! 🙂

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Want to work together, or would you just like to get acquainted? My inbox is always open for nice people 🙂
So don't hesitate and send me a message! I look forward to meeting you!

Jenny Rozema. Also find me on LinkedIn.

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